Sue Kennedy Agyapong if your integrity is bruised

A former Operation Director of Youth Enterprise Support (YES) P. V. Dadson Jantuah is urging the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to sue Kennedy Agyapong if management feels his recent comments about the institution’s witch-hunting his business are not accurate.

Also, he has asked them to take on the flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) on for suggesting that there is some 10% illegal monies GRA officials take from businesses causing some under declaration of taxes.

Reacting to Kennedy’s accusation and subsequent response from the GRA, rubbishing the claims, the former Mahama appointee believes people should not be allowed to make such incriminating comments and go scot-free.

“What Kennedy said, I expect more businessmen and interest groups to rise up and speak if it’s true. But you see these things do not surprise me”

“Ken is not dead, the GRA’s response in the media is not enough, if they feel slighted they should go to court. I am urging Ken to tell the whole world, what the 10% of the GRA staff take, if this is true, I am daring him. What the GRA has done with their statement is to challenge Ken, if indeed he is a man he should spill the beans”

“We don’t want to listen to their code of ethics, Ken is a man wanting to be President, he can’t just say anything just like that. They must take him on so we all know the truth”

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