Kejetia Fire: We were called in late

Officials of the Ghana Fire Service (GNFS) Department at the Kejetia Market within the Central Business District of Kumasi have revealed that they were called in late to fight the fire that broke out on Wednesday in the market despite their close presence to the source.

There was a fire outbreak at the new Kejetia Market in Kumasi on Wednesday, March 15, 2023, after midday.

Officials from the Ghana National Service (GNFS) after several hours were able to bring the inferno under control and managed to salvage the wares of shop owners though a number of goods estimated at millions of Ghana cedis were destroyed.

Speaking on Oyerepa FM in an interview, Fire Service Officer in Charge at the Kejetia Market, Mr Ebenezer Opoku blamed people around and management for not calling them earlier to put off the fire despite the availability of a Fire detective system.

Mr Ebenezer Opoku also denied the allegation that the fire systems at the market were not in good shape.

“The fact is that they didn’t call us early. It’s true that we are in the same market but it started in one shop and it would definitely start small…. If they had called earlier, we could have put the fire off earlier as well”, Officer In Charge at the Kejetia Market – Ebenezer Opoku told Oyerepa FM in an interview monitored by

“All the fire detectors in the markets are working, the sprinkling system is also working, it even started quenching the fire”, Mr. Ebenezer Opoku said.

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