Top Doctor-Recommended Ways To Quit Smoking

Many people want to quit smoking but they are not sure how to start. There are many doctor-recommended ways to quit smoking and one might be right for you. The fact is that there are many nicotine withdrawal symptoms that make it difficult to quit but there are options.

Doctors would first recommend that you quit without weaning yourself off cigarettes. Studies have shown that gradually cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke daily doesn’t usually work. You have to learn what prompts you to smoke and how to avoid the triggers that spike your cravings.

There are a number of cessation sessions that your doctor can recommend. Most of them are free. You will learn exactly what smoking does to your body and your lungs. They will offer ways to stop smoking and what might work for you.

Another doctor-recommendation is the nicotine patch. This can be of tremendous help to curb the craving for nicotine. The patch delivers nicotine to your system without the peaks and the valleys of cravings and being satisfied. The patches are generally graduated so that the first month gives you more nicotine and the next month gives you less. With a doctor’s recommendation, the patches are free from your pharmacy.

Another recommendation that some doctors use are medications such as Chantix or Zyban. However, these should not be used long term. These medications are also provided free if you have a doctor’s prescription.

One other doctor recommendation to quit smoking is self-hypnosis. This can help the smoker to get through cravings. It is done through breathing deeply and using techniques of relaxation.

Last but not least, doctors sometimes recommend acupuncture. This has worked for some smokers too.

To quit smoking, something that works for someone else might not work for you. The trick is to keep trying and you will surely find a solution that will work for you.