The Benefits of Meditation

Our lives are stressful, that is an obvious statement; however, what is not so obvious is that meditation can help. If you think that statement is wrong, then I challenge you to one week of meditation. If you don’t feel a difference in your stress level, you can tell me I was wrong. But I highly doubt you will!

Here is a long list of reasons why meditation is amazing for your mind, body and soul.

  • It lowers your stress levels.
  • It allows us to get to know ourselves a lot better.
  • Improves school and work performance.
  • It changes the brain’s function in a protective way.
  • Offers us a way to be more focused.
  • Improves your overall mood.
  • Helps to give a better outlook on life.
  • Lowers the risk of depression.
  • Supports weight loss.
  • Helps you sleep at night.

Clearly, meditation is a definite win. Are you ready to take on the week of meditation challenge? Here is how you will need to perform it. Don’t worry you won’t have to chant; unless you really want to.

Step 1: Find a nice place.

You will need to find a place that you are comfortable to be in; one that makes you feel peaceful and is quite.

Step 2: Comfortable clothing.

Wear comfortable clothing. You do not want to wear tight clothes or clothes that make you feel stiff. You will need to concentrate on breathing, not what you are wearing. Try loose yoga pants and a t-shirt.

Step 3: Decide on a schedule.

You will need to decide for how long and when you want to meditate. Make sure that you stick to this schedule.

Step 4: Stretch.

Make sure that you stretch your entire body before you meditate. It will help you relax.

Step 5: Sit comfortably.

Sit in a comfortable position. It is extremely important to be comfortable so you are not distracted while you are trying to meditate.

Step 6: Meditate.

Sit in your spot, close your eyes and sit up straight. Breathe in deeply and breathe out. Concentrate on your breathing and nothing else. Do this until your scheduled time is over.

We promise you that you will feel very refreshed. Try doing this for a week or more and find yourself holding onto less stress!