How Can Lack of Sleep Affect Your Life?

The human body is designed to get rid of all the waste produced during metabolic and respiratory processes.  While we are performing activities, either physical or mental, our bodies are using the energy we acquired while eating, drinking, and breathing.  Every day, the energy that we acquire is used up on our daily activities.  In order for the body to store energy and completely release waste, it needs long periods of sleep.   The amount of sleep the body needs vary with time.

Not having the right amount of sleep or having interrupted sleep can have negative consequences to your health. How can this affect your life?

More Drowsiness and less alertness

This is especially dangerous when you have to perform precision activities such as driving or operating machinery.  Lack of sleep reduces your alertness in a way comparable to being drunk.  According to statistics, drowsiness has been the cause for at least 100,000 car crashes.

Statistics have proven that people operating machinery while being sleep are more prone to accidents. Lack of sleep can cause illness and having to miss work with a higher frequency than others, which can cause issues with status at work.

It affects the way you look

Lack of sleep is an indication of depression. A person that is depressed will look ill, with dark circles around the eyes, dull eyes, lank hair and the skin will look sallow.

Low processing of information

Sleep is critical for learning and thinking. Poor rest will affect the cognitive processes of your brain and reduce your performance, affect your memory, and the ability to work at optimum speed and accuracy.

Sex-drive killer

According to studies, people who do not sleep well report having less libido and with low interest in sex. This is caused by sleepiness, depression, and low energy levels.