Hollywood’s New Fad – The “Push” Present

The push present is the latest craze of the Hollywood celebrity scene. Push presents are gifts given by men to their partners for perfectly pushing their kids during birth. Celebrities set the standards very high with some giving their spouses gifts worth millions of dollars. The latest incident was the gift by Travis Scott to his girlfriend Kylie Jenner after she gave birth to Stormi Webstar.

The 20-year-old gave birth some few months ago and Travis Scott couldn’t hide the excitement by going overboard to reward the beautiful lass with a red Ferrari. Kylie flaunted her gift on her Instagram story. Elder sister Kim Kardashian also posted Kylie`s gift on her page with a caption, “I want this too”. The Ferrari cost Travis a whooping £ 1.4 million.

After Kim Kardashian gave birth, Kanye gave her a tiger-striped diamond ring that cost him $770,000. Kanye didn’t stop it there and after the birth of Saint, he gave the wife a diamond choker.

Other celebrities push presents include:

  • Kourtney Kardashian- She gave birth to Penelope and the husband gave her diamond studs.
  • Beyonce- On giving birth to Ivy, Jay Z gifted her with a 10 Carat Sapphire ring.
  • Sarah Jessica- The husband Mathew Broderick gave her a classy $6000 bracelet.
  • Mariah Carrey- Her ex Husband Nick Cannon appreciated the efforts of bearing twins and gifted her with a diamond necklace.
  • Jennifer Lopez- Marc Antony gave her a $2.8 million yellow diamond ring.

All the above gifts are symbols in the Hollywood appreciating the efforts of the ladies to ‘push’ the baby. No matter how cheap the gift could be, it is always good to appreciate your wife after a successful push.