Five Signs Your Boyfriend Is Trouble

Source: Pixabay

Source: Pixabay

Being in a relationship is a serious commitment that requires time and effort – at least if there is a deeper interest involved. You see, it is great to be in love with a nice and caring boy.  The downside is that sometimes we fall so stupidly in love that we tend to oversee the potential for disaster.

Do you think your boyfriend is more trouble?  Check out these five signs that might prove that he probably is.

He is nowhere to be found

So there is internet, Facebook, Twitter, text messaging, etc., but your boyfriend still manages to go MIA.  He does not respond to your texts or call back. After a week or so he shows up and wants to hang out.  No apologies and no explanations. Experts say that he probably was cheating and came back when the other one was no longer satisfactory, she dumped him (found out he´s a jerk before you did), or he simply likes to have a harem.

He does not get along with your friends

You know that it is friends over flirts.  Now, if your boy believes that your friends are just not cool enough, there is a high chance that he thinks the same about you.  It is just a matter of time before he sails away looking for someone “cooler”.  In other words, he is just playing you.

He has no female friends

A guy that is not able to handle friendships with girls can indicate one thing:  he only thinks of them as an entity that he is supposed to have sex with.  So this is a “player” alert.  If you do not give him any sex, then there is no reason for him to stay around.

He is very protective of his phone

This is the most obvious sign that this guy is a cheater.  If he keeps not answering calls or hiding texts, there is a high probability that he is hiding some dirt under the rug.  Please don´t fall for the whole infuriated “you don´t trust me” crap, especially if you discover that he is indeed cheating.

He talks trash about his exes

When a man badmouths all of his exes, this should be a red flag.  He does this in order to have a feeling of superiority that the reason why the relationship ended was entirely the girl´s fault. This is an indication of poor self-esteem as he cannot tolerate the idea of a woman spurning him.