5 Signs That Your Relationship Is Over

Source: Flickr, opacity / CC by

Source: Flickr, opacity / CC by

It’s not easy to admit that your relationship is over, especially when you have been with the same person for a few years. Sometimes you are confused and you don’t know if you have a chance with your partner or you should just give up. Here are five signs that will show you that your relationship is over:

  1. You don’t talk anymore. In the beginning you could spend hours talking with your partner, but now neither of you talks things over. You would rather watch a movie instead of spending time together.
  2. There is no desire. You don’t feel the need to cuddle with your partner, and you don’t even remember the last time when you shared a romantic moment. You thought that this was just a phase, but it continues.
  3. You argue about everything. One of you left the light on in the kitchen? Who left dishes in the sink? Who used the last of the milk? Everything seems to end up in an argument. Nothing is fun anymore.
  4. Your friends and family start to notice that you are sad and don’t smile as often. They ask you all the time if there is something wrong between you and your partner and you refuse to discuss this topic with them. You don’t want to hear again and again that you look tired and sad.
  5. You can’t imagine a future with your partner. You don’t want to go on vacations together and you stop talking about buying a new house. Actually, you would rather go alone so you can spend as much time at the pool as you want to.

If nothing seems to be fun anymore and you have no goals and wants in common, maybe it’s time to reconsider your decision to stay together.