What You Should Know About Depression During And After Pregnancy

You wouldn’t think a new birth could be the cause of a mother feeling depression. It is absolutely normal to feel depressed while being pregnant, and even after you’ve had your baby. Here is what you should know:

  • Blame the hormones. Everything should be perfect – you are healthy, your baby is healthy and eating normally. So why do you find yourself crying or being sad for no apparent reason? This is because there is a hormonal imbalance in your body due to your pregnancy. Things will get back to normal in a few months and you will put behind you this bad episode.
  • It happens more often than you think. Pregnant women and new mothers usually pretend that everything is just fine because they don’t want to be judged by the ones around them. More than half of pregnant and post-pregnant women experience some kind of depression. Sometimes the depression doesn’t interfere with normal life; sometimes the depression is abnormally deep and makes doing the simplest things difficult.
  • You need help. It’s not just about you anymore. You also have to take care of your baby. Trying to pretend that everything is alright will not work forever, and at some point you will have to discuss with someone about how you feel. If you don’t want your family to know, you can visit a therapist, but it is imperative to see a doctor.
  • Stress can be the trigger. You want everything to be done a certain way, but things don’t always go as you plan. You are tired all the time because your baby does not allow you to sleep. You baby may have cholic making it difficult to feed or sleep or even rest. This can be exhausting even for the happiest person. It is imperative not to try handling this on your own. Take your baby to the doctor to discover the cause of the distress and ask for advice for yourself as well. Have tests to determine if your hormones are in imbalance, or if you need vitamins or supplements to help with your energy level. With patience and love, everything will go back to normal.