Sridevi’s Death Revealed

Source: The Star

Source: The Star

The entire Bollywood community was left reeling after the unexpected death of noted actress Sridevi.

Now, Boney Kapoor, a Bollywood producer and Sridevi’s husband of 22 years has provided some additional information surrounding the late star’s death.

Per Kapoor, he and his wife were in Dubai for a wedding. Afterwards, he returned home while she stayed back for some shopping. Then, he made an unscheduled return trip to surprise his wife while she was still in the UAE. The two met at her hotel and soon decided to treat themselves to a romantic dinner. Sridevi then went to the master bathroom to bathe and freshen up.

While she did this, he too got ready for their date and sat down to watch cricket. Eventually, after an unusual amount of time had passed, Boney worried that they would be unable to find a table and called out for Sridevi. According to the timeline of his retelling, this was about one and a half hours after she left to go to the washroom.

After not receiving a response, Boney rushed to the room and opened the door to find Sridevi’s lifeless body fully submerged in the tub. He also noted that none of the water had spilled over onto the floor. This suggests that she either fell asleep and drowned or drowned quickly. Regardless of the order of events, there didn’t appear to be a struggle.

The post-mortem report agrees with Boney Kapoor’s account citing the cause of death as “accidental drowning.”

Still, even though this description of the events sounds plausible, many are unsatisfied and unconvinced. Subramanian Swamy, a senior member of the Indian Parliament has even asserted outright that the death could have been a murder. He followed that up by wondering aloud (via Twitter) why the Mumbai Police accepted the account from the Dubai police without doing their own post-mortem to corroborate.