Jameela Jamil speaks out about people’s obsession with weight

Jameela Jamil has gone on Twitter to ask women how much they really weigh, and so far, the responses she’s received have been inspirational. Earlier this week, an image began circulating about the Kardashian’s weights, and she claimed the image to be toxic. “This is how women are taught to value themselves. In Kilograms. Grim.”

After that, she shared her own version of how much she “weighed”. Instead of describing it in kilograms, she attributed her weight to things in her life that she most valued. These things included being in a loving relationship, having excellent friends, being financially independent and speaking out about women’s rights.

She is now encouraging other women to show the world that they “weigh” far more than a numerical digit. She tweeted “I’ve shown you mine, now show me what you think you weigh.” So far there have been hundreds of people responding with people highlighting the things in their lives they’re the most proud of.

Jamil has spoken out about the importance of body positivity in the past.

“By some miracle, it came out that I had managed to gain 200,000 listeners, almost, on my show [the BBC Radio One Chart Show],” she said. “But on that same day, the papers decided to ignore the fact that happened, and instead, ran a wonderful piece about the fact that I had gained not 200,000 listeners on my show, but instead two dress sizes.”