William Shatner is a singer at age 86

It might sound unbelievable, but it is definitely true that at the age of 86, the famous USS Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk, also known as William Shatner, is a singer and has just signed a brand new country music deal.

The Heartland Records Nashville executives have said that the famous actor is now working on a special project that will be released probably this summer. However, this is not his first attempt to become a famous singer. He actually had a huge success with his Beatles’ Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds spoken-word version, and he also has eight albums under his belt. His latest release was in 2013, the “Ponder the Mystery”.

Furthermore, Shatner has a country music pedigree as well and he appeared in videos of Brad Paisley, as well as performed with him at the Country Music Awards.

He released Spaced Out: The Best of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatter compilation, with his late co-star from the Star Trek, Leonard Niamey. This compilation featured their versions of classic country songs, such as I Walk the Line and Gentle on My Mind.

As for his latest project, the Heartland Records claim that it will be “one of the most entertaining musical ventures to date for the Emmy Award-winning actor.”