Who Is Carly Rae Jepsen?

Photo by WENN

Photo by WENN

“Call Me Maybe” – everyone’s heard this song!

The young singer who sings this song is Carly Rae Jepsen, one the new faces in the music industry and one the most promising singers. Even if her songs were considered childish in the beginning, now she proved that her songs are popular, it’s only a matter of time until she wins an award.

Carly was born in British Columbia, Canada on Nov 21, 1985 and she had what we call a normal childhood. She dreamed about being a singer since she was little, but she had no luck with being produced by local music companies who refused to promote her.

Her luck seemed to change when, in 2007, she appeared on Canadian Idol, a show that made many people fall in love with her unique voice. She did not win the contest, but this was the beginning of her career.

One year later, in 2008, her first single, “Bucket” was released. The album was called “Tug of War” and it was popular in Canada, but it did not go outside the borders. Her international success came a few years later.

In February, 2012, she released the song “Call me Maybe”, which has made her famous. The song was Number 1 on the charts for weeks, and she became one of the most appreciated singers in USA and Canada. Earlier this year, she released the album E-MO-TION and several songs stayed on the charts for months, such as the single “I Really Like You”.

She stated as a simple singer in a small town, and now she is the idol of millions of girls.