The 15 Most Jaw-Dropping Actresses Of 2015

15. Natalie Portman

Born on 9th June 1981 in Jerusalem, Israel into a Jewish family as Natalie Hershlag, she is indeed beautiful, hot and a real brainy. The tag of ‘beauty with brains’ indeed fits her very well because she is a Harvard University graduate. While she was very young, she left Israel and arrived in Washington DC. And her moves continued here and there in the states.

Source: instagram

Source: instagram

Finally, she got settled with her family in New York which is her current residence as well. An agent discovered her at the tender age of 11 itself. Earlier, she was pushed for modelling as a career but she chose to pursue acting. And rest is history, isn’t it! She debuted in the film with Leon: The Professional and then moved on to work on a lot of award-winning flicks such as Heat, Mars Attacks, and Beautiful Girls. She’s a proud winner of a highly prestigious Academy award and secondly a Golden Globe Award for her top performance in Black Swan.

Source: instagram Source: instagram