Richard Gere to Star in “Norman: The Rise and Fall of a New York Fixer”

Richard Gere plays an annoying role in Norman: The Rise and Fall of a New York Fixer. It is none like any his previous movie characters. The titular character Norman is an underachiever. His business title is consultant, but the more appropriate description is conniver or schemer.

Already in his 70s, Norman is looking to become one of New York’s financial elite. However, his character is more of a pawn in the competitive financial world. Richard Gere is the perfect person to play the self-effacing Norman. As Norman, he is good-hearted and just wants to cope with what life gives him.

Norman is a good antihero. He schemes his way to the top of the NY financial food chain, as he turns from a social outcast to one of the 1 percent. It is exciting to see the character meet new people and lure them into his web of friends and acquaintances.

Surprising Comedic Performance: Gere is known to be a technical actor, but he showed he could also be whimsical when needed. The movie reminds viewers not to take life too serious even when it brings nothing but trouble. Gere has a great supporting cast that includes Steve Buscemi, Hank Azaria, and Michael Sheen.

However, there’s no denying that the star of the movie is Gere as he plays the title character in a relatable manner. He transformed himself in order to play the role. You might not even recognize the dashing actor when you first see the character on screen.

Richard Gere should thank writer/director Joseph Cedar for coming up with the smart story that’s intriguing and entertaining at the same time. It is a dark comedy that everyone should watch not just Gere’s fans.