Epic Battle Between Kitten and Reflection

The battle is on! In one corner, we have an adorable Tabby kitten. In the other corner, we have…

His reflection?

In this laugh out loud video, a tiny Tabby spots itself in a floor length mirror for the first time and absolutely loses it! From paw battles on the mirror to an impressive jump through the air at the sight of the mysterious kitten in the glass… this little one is quite fierce!

“Who is that? Why didn’t you tell me that you got another cat? I thought I was the only kitten in this house. Did he break in? Do you want me to attack him?”

When the reflection simply won’t let up during the battle, our tiny hero gives up and walks away. Prepare to laugh!

Watch the hilarious video here:
Source: Kitten battles reflection in the mirror by walrusgirl on Rumble