Domhnall Gleeson Stars in New Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is the latest family comedy in which British actor Domhnall Gleeson stars as the meticulous landlord Thomas McGregor in Sony Pictures Animation’s which brings to the screen the favorite Beatrix Potter characters. The brand new modern adventure film has seen Thomas McGregor rise through the ranks of London’s famous department store Harrods working diligently towards the job of Associate General Manager, only to find that the post has gone to a person who does not merit it.

After inheriting the McGregor manor (and its appended vegetable garden), Thomas thinks of a chance to sell it to enable him to fund his toy shop. Thomas is a man who needs everything tidy, neat, and in its place but when he meets his match in Peter Rabbit things go awry. Peter is the rabbit who turns his garden and his life upside down, and then there is Bea, the generous, sweet next door neighbor who notices something in Thomas.

Thomas initial motivation is focused on revenge to get back at Harrods but when he inherits the manor he wants to fix it up and sell it to make money to open his toy shop. When Peter starts to mess in the garden, he also begins a dispute. The feud with Peter begins with vegetables and then it is taken to the next level as they compete for Bea’s affections.

Executive producer Jodi Hildebrand said that Domhnall was excellent for this role as he can do it all by adopting multiple characters. Gleeson said that he was attracted to the film by Director Will Gluck’s approach to comedy. They both knew that the film had to draw a cross-section of the audience and thus they had to act funny for every age of viewer.