Depp in the New Pirates of the Caribbean is just not funny

It is important to note that the movie Pirates of the Caribbean is not a terrible movie so don’t hesitate to go to the cinema to watch it. However, there are some aspects of the movie that could have been improved to ensure that it lived up to the hype.

One of the aspects that have elicited mixed reaction online and offline is the inclusion of Jonny Depp in the cast. For the 5th time, Depp has been slotted to act as Captain Jack Sparrow. This is the same role that helped him get his very first Oscar nomination. However, the scenes that he is involved in tend to fall flat.

Creativity is of paramount importance when creating a movie storyline. In this movie, Depp goes through almost the same hoops as the previous Pirates of the Caribbean movies as this just makes the entire moving boring to watch and predictable. This time, he forms a mutually beneficial coalition with Elizabeth Swann, Will Turner, Carina, and Henry, the main characters in the movie, with their main objective being to hunt down a supernatural McGuffin, Trident of Poseidon that reigns over all the seas and has the ability to break any curse.

Jonny Depp’s overall performance in this movie is clear proof that the producers did not pay attention to creativity in the plot. Throughout the movie, there are many plot holes that motivated most reputable reviewers online to rate this movie 1 out of 10 stars. Unlike in the past when Depp was unpredictable; in this movie, you can accurately predict his next move especially if you have watched the previous Pirates of Caribbean.