Daughter Caught Taking Ridiculous Selfies

Imagine looking in your rear-view mirror only to see the person in the back seat super absorbed in their own personal photo shoot.

Well, that’s what happened to Rob Beckham when he noticed a ton of strange movement in the back seat out of the corner of his eye. He found his daughter taking a ridiculous amount of crazy selfies.

Exhibit A:

From crazy faces to hair flips, Rob’s daughter was on a roll. Obviously he needed to catch the scene on camera. And what’s better, she didn’t even notice that she was being filmed! If she found out, she either wouldn’t mind because she clearly enjoys the spotlight… or… she was very much embarrassed that her dad caught her.

Exhibit B:

Whatever her reaction was, we are sure glad it was caught on tape!

Watch the funny video here:
Source: Catching a daughter doing selfies on video by RobBeckham on Rumble