Celebrity Real Estate: Amazing Multi-Million Dollar Pads

With the amount of money that some celebrities rake in every day, it’s no surprise that they decide to spend it on the most impressive real estate there is.

Wouldn’t you, if you were worth millions of dollars?

Actors, singers, reality stars

– you name it;

if they’ve got the money… chances are they are spending it BIG.

Some even own multiple properties.

Whether these celebrities own their property flat out or have borrowed funds to buy them, we have no idea.

We just hope they are being smart with their money with these big ticket purchases so they don’t end up like our Broke Celebs.

Check these out…

From personal movie theaters

and tennis courts,

to wine vineyards

and indoor basketball courts,

these celebrity a-listers are clearly living by the phrase, ‘go hard or go home.’

Take a look at the lifestyles of the rich and the famous…

the word ‘luxurious’ doesn’t even do some of the multi-million dollar pads justice.

We are jealous….


Very jealous!

Check out all the mansions that these celebrities own.

We think you will be absolutely amazed!

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