Actor Idris Elba to direct his first feature film

Idris Elba started production on his first feature film as a director for “Yardie” sometime in 2017. The shooting took him to various locations in London and Jamaica for seven weeks.
Yardie is a British crime film based on the novel of the same name authored by Victor Headley, which although wasn’t commercially successful at first eventually gained cult status. Unfortunately, as highly heralded as Yardie was as a novel, especially today, Idris Elba’s take on making a movie from the book falls flat. At least, that’s what most critics agree on.
The story revolves a young Jamaican going by the name of “D”. The young man arrives in London in the early 1980s and by some unlucky twist, discovers who the man behind the assassination of his brother a decade ago was. He then sets out on a path of justice for the death of his brother, but while doing so, he starts and finds himself in the middle of a street war, which eventually puts both his life and that of his loved ones in grave danger.
During the film’s screening in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival earlier in January 2018, critics commented on the general lack of cohesion of the movie. Many agreed that everything was too straightforward, and while Elba has the right idea about making a film about the Jamaican community in London, the “Pacific Rim” actor just could not find the right way to deliver it.
Idris Elba tapped screenplay writers Brock Norman Brock (“Bronson”) and Martin Stellman (“The Interpreter”) for his directorial debut.
Yardie already saw its first trailer and poster release sometime in February 2018. It’s set to hit theaters all over the UK later in 2018. There’s no news as of yet regarding a United States release, let alone an international one.