Selena Gomez’ life is saved by kidney transplant

Sometimes friends can build up stories about their friendship and record them for future reference to get emotional. But very few of these stories will come close to what Selena Gomez’s best friend, Francis Raisa did for her.

These two girls are best friends, and now share a kidney experience. For years, Selena Gomez had been fighting with Lupus. This autoimmune condition makes your body attack itself.  Because of this, Selena was losing function of both kidneys.  Needless to say, when both kidneys shut down, it is a matter of time before the person passes away.

Over the summer last year, Selena Gomez shared in her Instagram a picture and she explained that her best friend donated her kidney in order to save her.

The Surgery

Raisa says that she once walked into Selena’s room and noticed that something was wrong. She was too weak to even open a bottle.  She chucked it (the bottle) and just started crying and I said, “What’s wrong? And that’s when she told me. And she says, I don’t know what to do, the list is seven to ten years long. And it just vomited out of me, I was like, Of course I’ll get tested.”

Nobody in Selena Gomez’s family was a match for her, but Raisa was. She had no doubts about doing this for her best friend.

They Speak about the Experience

During their first interview for TV, Selena Gomez tells the experience with tears in her eyes, “My kidneys were just done. That was it. And I didn’t want to ask a single person in my life, and that was the day I came home when I found out. And she volunteered and did it.”

Selena Gomez and Francia Raísa have been friends for over 9 years and refer to each other as “sis” or “hermana”. The experience has been life-changing for both actresses.