Miranda Kerr to marry again, this time to Evan Spiegel

Supermodel Miranda Kerr confirmed earlier this year that she said “yes” to Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel. According to reports, the billionaire popped the question earlier but the supermodel confirmed it later.

As many would say, Spiegel swept Miranda off her feet. The Victoria’s Secret Angel posted a picture of the sparkling diamond ring with an emoji of a guy proposing to a girl and the message: “I said yes!!”

The couple, according to media, was comfortable with each other from the very beginning when they met in 2014. They started dating in June 2015, and 1 year later, they were engaged.

The happy couple has been sharing a life together since May. They purchased and moved into a $12 million mansion that used to belong to Harrison Ford. The house, located in an exclusive LA area, has a pool, guesthouse, and a gym.

Those who are very close to the 26-year-old billionaire Snapchat co-founder and the 33-year-old beauty have reported that the couple is smitten. Miranda brought Spiegel to a VIP party this summer and introduced him to her friends.

This will be Spiegel’s first marriage and Kerr´s second. She is mom to 5-year-old Flynn with ex-husband Orlando Bloom.  They separated in 2013.

Evan Spiegel was born in LA and attended high school in Crossroads, a school for geniuses. He went to Stanford but dropped out before graduation to start Snapchat.

It is this down-to-earth attitude and smart mind that Kerr found so appealing about Spiegel.  He is also a hard worker.  According to Forbes, he is worth $2.1 billion. He is cited as: “self made”.