Leslie Jones’ online abuser banned from Twitter

Source: cbc

Source: cbc

This is fantastic news. Twitter has gone on record to state that they have permanently banned @Nero for his actions involving Leslie Jones. His name is Milo Yiannopoulos and he has been established as the ring leader in the Twitter online abuse commotion. Leslie Jones is a popular comedianne who also starred in the new Ghostbusters movie.

Milo’s abusive tweets towards Leslie got his more than 300,000 followers involved and engaged in the online abuse. He accused Leslie of being “barely literate” and on other tweets said she was “playing the victim”.

This was a great move by Twitter and was true to their ideologies. As a social media platform, Twitter encourages sharing diverse opinions. However, it absolutely prohibits targeted abuse.

So when Twitter noticed an upsurge in targeted harassment of Leslie Jones for two consecutive days, it immediately took action against all the violators. It was not just Milo’s account but several others who participated in the online abuse were issued warnings. Many were even asked to delete the tweets to avoid further penalization.

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, sent a tweet that categorically explains how they depend on people to report abusive behavior so the team can take appropriate action against the perpetrators.

Leslie Jones played a big role in exposing her abusers by re-tweeting the offensive tweets. Her new approach to deal with this kind of situation was appreciated by many celebrities, who would’ve rather blocked these accounts instead of responding to them.

Leslie has not taken the abuse lightly. All this racially biased harassment has disturbed her to the point of taking a hiatus from Twitter for a while. She sent a series of tweets that reflected her state of mind. She says that it is her right to be angry and Leslie is not without support!