Jennifer Anniston Lived in Squalor With Ex-Boyfriend Theroux

An NYC neighbor of the recently-split couple, Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux, revealed to TMZ that he feels sorry for the living conditions that the former “Friends” star had to live in while living with her now-ex-husband.
The neighbor, who has since been identified as Norman Resnicow, explained that he feels sorry for the star. “Everyone knows Jennifer hated the place”, Resnicow adds. It is worth noting that Resnicow is not without a personal agenda by sharing his own statement.
Norman is currently in the middle of a legal battle with Theroux. He claims that water damage coming from “The Leftovers” star has damaged his New York apartment. This has apparently left mold to grow and that he has had to take medication to cope. According to MailOnline, Justin Theroux’s spokesperson claimed that Resnicow’s comment should not carry as much weight because he had never met Jen nor has he ever had a chance to tour the apartment. The spokesman added that the problems in Resnicow’s apartment are a building issue and it has nothing to do with either the deck or the apartment of Theroux.
The A-list couple began dating in 2011 after spending time together on the set while filming the 2011 movie Wanderlust. They became engaged a year later in 2012 and eventually tied the knot in 2015. The two officially announced their separation in February of 2018, and multiple reports now claim that the main reason for this was they could not agree where to live; Justin favored NYC (and his aforementioned apartment) while Jen preferred the comforts of her 1965 Bel Air mansion.
Just recently, a report from Life & Style states that Jen and Justin’s marriage was “dysfunctional” right from the start and was “never a real marriage”, with Jen always complaining that Justin never said I love you to her.