Facts about Richard Simmons Disappearance

Richard Simmons was a household name in the 80s fitness motivation scene. The fitness guru was known for his enthusiastic and witty fitness tactics. He also hosted an exercise studio in Beverly Hills California. Simmons escaped the public limelight in January2 014. This left most of his fans speculating of his whereabouts. Some said that Simmons may be suffering from health problems with reports surfacing the web that he was in and out of hospitals in Beverly for indigestion problems. Others said that the veteran fitness expert was suffering from depression.

In February last year, Dan Taberski, a veteran producer and Simmon’s student premiered a podcast dubbed ‘Missing Richard Simmons’. The podcast was an investigative report aimed at identifying the cause of Simmons unexpected disappearance. The podcast however, raised even more speculations over his well-being with an unidentified person claiming that Simmons was held hostage in his home. This led authorities to a welfare check of his apartment in March last year and no such instances were reported.

In 2015, another report reached the police that Richard suffered from elder abuse and again, no incriminating evidence was discovered. Though Dan`s podcast didn’t auger well with Richard, it might have been a blessing In disguise to resuscitate Simmons’ name. According to License, a popular talent and brand licensing publication, Simmons has signed a deal with Prominent Brand+talent for branding and merchandizing.

After signing the deal, Michael Catalano, Richard Simmons Manager hinted of a comeback plan for the former fitness expert. According to a report to newsrooms, Catalano noted the demand from fans for Simmons reemergence especially the youths. He said that plans were underway to bring back the role model to the public scene. They will soon launch a product line that will assist people to maintain a better lifestyle as was Richard`s vision for the past four decades.