Danielle Fishel is Engaged

Danielle Fishel, popular for acting as Topanga on Boy Meets World, announced through an Instagram post that she is engaged to Jensen Karp, executive producer of Drop the Mic. Karp and Fishel celebrated their engagement with the cast and crew of the show. Their relationship was first made public by Karp through his Instagram on June 2017.

The couple went to the same high school. Karp said that Fishel was everyone’s teenage crush, and the two of them never shared more than a casual greeting in the hallways. He didn’t imagine ending up with her during that time.

One of the fans of the newly engaged couple is Cory himself. Ben Savage sent a heartfelt message to his former Boy Meets World co-star on Instagram. He said that he was happy for Danielle on her engagement.

Danielle and Cory played young lovers on the TV series that ran from 1993 to 2000. The couple even got married in the final season of the show. They reprised their roles for the spin-off Girl Meets World, where they played the parents of the main character, Rider Strong, who was Cory’s best friend on both shows.

It is not the first time Fishel has been engaged. She used to be married to Tim Belusko, who she divorced in March 2016 after being married for two years. For Karp, it will be his first time to go down the aisle. They haven’t released the official date of their wedding but they said that it will be soon.