Charlize Theron Says Pot May Cure Her Insomnia


Charlize Theron confessed to using pot to cure her insomnia. She said that she used to be a stoner but stopped using marijuana a couple of years ago. However, she became interested in using pot again because of her bad insomnia. She added that she doesn’t want to rely on sleeping pills, and instead wants to try a stain that will help her sleep better.

She added that she was on marijuana for eight years. However, she stopped when she observed her body chemistry was changing. She found herself not being able to speak and realized that it wasn’t for her anymore.

Two days before her stoner movie Gringo hits the theaters, she was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told the story of how she turned to pot to treat her insomnia. She said that she used to take sleeping pills to make her sleep at night. Her mother Gerta also suffered from the sleeping disorder. Charlize told her mom that she decided to try a sleeping strain to make her sleep better at night. Without telling her daughter, Gerta went to a dispensary to buy edibles and gave it to her. Charlize said that the edibles worked.

The actress welcomed the legalization of the drug in California and wanted to know how pot can assist her to fight against insomnia without affecting her daily life and career. She’s open to retrying pot again because there are specific strains that can help her beat insomnia.

She doesn’t need marijuana to get a psychoactive high but instead wants a medicinal strain to help her sleep better. Aside from edibles, there are treatments that can help people go to sleep within minutes. They contain a smaller amount of THC than the typical marijuana joint, which might be what Theron is looking for.