Anastacia Sued for Millions by Ex-Manager

Lisa Braude, Anastacia’s former manager, is suing her former client for $3 million. According to the ex-manager, Anastacia was at the lowest point of her career when she took her on and nurtured her in 1998. Braude claimed that she paid the singer’s bills until Anastacia got her break when she became a finalist on The Cut, an MTV talent show in 1999.

The lawsuit stated that Anastacia signed a record deal with Epic Records after her appearance in the show, and hired Braude to be her manager. During the time Braude was her manager, Anastacia experienced her heyday as she churned out hit after hit that included I’m Outta Love. Their professional relationship ended in 2004 when Anastacia found out she had breast cancer. In 2013, she had to undergo a double mastectomy after she was diagnosed with the breast cancer again.

Anastacia had to take a break from her singing career because of breast cancer. However, she still released compilation albums. In the lawsuit documents, Braude claimed that she didn’t get her cut from those compilation albums, and that’s why she’s suing Anastacia for $3 million in unpaid commissions. Anastacia released two albums while she was battling cancer – the singer’s self-titled album in 2004, and Pieces of a Dream in 2005.

She released a new album Evolution in September of 2017 and will go on tour this April to promote her album. Anastacia said that all the songs in the new album contained messages of empowerment. She wants her songs to convey her message to people and help them in times of troubles. She wants people to see that they can survive and evolve, just like she overcame her breast cancer. Her latest problem is nothing compared to the suffering and pain she felt while battling breast cancer.