Should Men Take Care Of Their Skin?

Source: WordPress / baroness

We live in a world where every book is judged by its cover, and every person is being looked at, examined, and having judgments made – based solely on appearance, at first. As men have as much skin just as women, and skin being the largest organ of our bodies, it really doesn’t make sense to be ignoring it or refusing to take care of it.

Men should take care of their skin because skin cancer can happen to anybody, it’s not gender biased. It has been confirmed that sun exposure can cause cancer.

Society has taken the attitude that using a multitude of creams and lotions are a girl-thing. Although men may not want to use as many creams and lotions as women, they can certainly apply sunscreen before going out into the sun or use a lotion during the winter, as that is the time when everyone’s skin tends to get really dry and itchy. Using a moisturizing lotion or cream should be as much a daily habit as brushing one’s teeth, regardless of gender.

Today, more men are checking into medical spas to get treatments such Botox and chemical peels. Maybe the stigma attached to men’s beauty treatments is disappearing.