How Julia Roberts And Teri Hatcher Stay Looking Young

Photo(s) by WENN

Photo(s) by WENN

Celebrities look good all the time, even when they are not on the red carpet. Some of them, like Teri Hatcher and Julia Roberts, keep their skin looking young and their body slim, even if they are not in their 20s anymore. If you want to keep yourself looking young and beautiful, take a look at some of their tricks:

  • You heard this a million times, but exercise does make a difference. Both are well-known for their active way of life, and they can be seen going to the gym almost every day. This, of course, does not mean that you need to move into a sports center, but two or three days of exercise per week will make a huge difference.
  • Balanced diet. Surprisingly, these two celebrities are not vegetarians, but they still manage to keep their bodies slim and their faces young looking. This is because they follow strict diets and they stay away from junk food and fizzy drinks. Try to change your diet and introduce more vegetables and fruits and you will notice how your body starts changing.
  • Natural face masks. They both have access to the best cosmetics on the market, so why do they prefer natural, simple masks? These ladies think they work better than anything else and they are easy to prepare, apply, and keep. Almost every fruit in your fridge can become a great face mask, as long as you blend it. Add essential oils (the natural ones), milk, honey, or yoghurt and pamper yourself at least once a week.

With your new way of life, you will be able to keep yourself looking younger, thinner, and beautiful for years to come.