Four Mistakes Women Make With Eye Makeup

Source: Ecosalon

Source: Ecosalon

Many women wear makeup but not all wearing it correctly or properly. In fact, there are many mistakes that most women make when they put on their eye makeup. The following are the top four mistakes that are made.

The first mistake is overdoing the eyebrows. Making them too dark or extending the eyebrow beyond the natural hair growth is wrong. Some women tweeze their eyebrows to the point of extinction and then draw a line to represent the eyebrow. These mistakes make the face harsh or too theatrical and, in some cases, even comical. Black is to be avoided at all costs. If you do use an eyebrow pencil, apply it in tiny little strokes to simulate hair, and not in one heavy line.

The second mistake is leaving a jagged and uneven line. You should aim for a smoky look and not a defined line. With some eyeliner products, you can slightly smudge the drawn line with a rubberized tip.

The third mistake is wearing muddy looking eye shadow or too much eye shadow. You should try for a graduated look and definitely do not use pastel colors only as these give your eyes a very fake and harsh look. The crease of your eyelid should be where the darker color should be worn and graduated outward to disappear before reaching the outer edge of your eyebrow.

The fourth mistake is applying mascara that either sticks the lashes together or leaves clumps of product visible. A good mascara will go on smoothly and leave the lashes looking fuller but not heavy. You should also choose the color carefully – a color that matches or is a shade or two darker than your natural eyebrows.